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Nobile Comforty Control Bar is the epitome of reliability, safety, simplicity, comfort and user-friendliness. It complies with the AFNOR NF S52-503 safety standard.
It’s an incredibly simple to use product as well as being incredibly safe and reliable. We have also incorporated new materials which are resistant to unfavourable conditions, such as salt water, UV radiation, high temperature and sand, to maximise the life of the bar. All components have been rigorously tested to ensure their resistance to the strong forces which accompany jumps, riding and uncontrolled manoeuvres. The new Nobile Comforty Control Bar 2017 matches all Nobile kites, as well as all other 4 line kites with equal length lines.

What’s new?
– Longer, more comfortable C-loop that doesn’t cause any problems with attaching to the harness hook.
– New, redesigned and more user-friendly Quick Release which takes less space and shortens the distance to the bar.
– Single depower line (less problems, compared to two lines) protected by polyurethane tube making it impossible to wear through.
– No stopper.
– Universal finish of front and steering lines – a loop with a knot which allows the Nobile bar to be attached to any kite.

46cm/ 20m+3m

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