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Cabrinha Kite Vector 11m

Little reparation 2 years ago

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Riding type: Freeride/Allround 
Year: 2013 
Brand: Cabrinha 
Size:  11m
Type: SLE 
One pump: Yes 
Bridles: Yes 
Number of struts:
Colours: Various 
Line length: n.a. 
Bar length: 42cm-48cm-55cm-65cm 
Bar: 4 lines 
Depower: Strap 
Safety: Push 
Swivel: Yes 
Variable bar length: No 
Oh shit handles: No

The Cabrinha Vector is a performance 3 strut kite in a simple minimalist package. With the Vector there is nothing getting between you and an amazing kitesurfing experience. The hybrid design is perfect for Universal Riding. That means its perfect for surf, freestyle, or wakestyle. The Vector has a robust construction, using all of the same materials and components in our much higher end kites. We've stripped down the non essentials, giving you the option to upgrade as you feel necessary. Features include - - Stability, park and ride simplicity - 3 strut design - Amazing relaunch - Direct line bridling - Quicklink IDS equipped - Sprint 11m Sizes available


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