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NHP 2020


133x40 | 136x41 | 139x42 | 142x43

size of the kiteboard
  • 133x40
  • 136x41
  • 139x42
  • 142x43
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WHY NHP 2020:

Precision trickery in ultimate comfort. The NHP is our freestyle board for the win.
Built to be an easy ride in all conditions, an enhanced rocker line allows the NHP
to eat up choppy waters without affecting the board’s performance. Combined
with the precision-designed X-Reactive Flex, this translates into a seriously
comfortable ride, that forgives rider mistakes. Freestyle tricks can be tuned-in
perfectly thanks to the manoeuvrability offered by the shorter toe-side edge, while
the longer back-side edge equates to better upwind performance. Full control is
retained in any conditions thanks to the board’s Hydrodynamic Rocker Line and
Dynamic Asymmetrical Shape. There is also a low-wind version of this model in
the NHP size range, with a construction based on Elliptical Concave and Flat
Hydrodynamic Rocker solutions, modified to keep the integral NHP properties,
but in a bigger size.
NHP 2020

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