Nautical Company

What We Offer

    • Ports & docking service (refuelling and supplies) 
    • Maintenance and reparations of all types of machinery
    • Full refit and partial renovation
    • Yachts & Villas wrapping: surface protection, custom graphics & colour change 
  • hydraulic work on Bessenzoni and others types of hydraulic: supply new hydraulic hose and all type of the fittings
  • electric investigations
  • supply and fittings appliance on board of the vessel
  • alarm & video surveillance 
  • satellites & internet connections at sea
  • luxury cars & transport service
  • crew accommodation

All About

Below you will find our goals and the guidelines for achieving them

Nautical Company
Nautical Company

Yacht & Villa

The best, safe, comfortable, unique...

  • we will check the technical condition
  • we will offer a competitive service
  • we will design a new look

We will listen and understand

We'll hear all about your new idea


We will analyze and count

The basis for a job well done is the selection of appropriate materials and design in accordance with the expected expenses


Acceptance and execution

Cooperation is important at this stage. Manufacturing according to the customer's order is essential


Warranty and payment

We provide our service off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It often happens that we commission additional work at other destinations along your journey.